I am obsessed with the Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends, and pretty much anything DC or Marvel.
I love writing and seeing your guy's feedback and positivity.
Life doesn't give us purpose, we give life purpose.
-Barry Allen
If you ever need to someone to eat your food I'm there
-Barry Allen
Cisco [laughing]: You better have a Plan B. Because I don't think your Plan A worked out too well.
Savitar-Barry: Fix this.
Cisco: Fix what? The Speed Force Bazooka? I didn't name it. If I didn't name it, I didn't make it. And if I didn't make it, I don't know how it works.
Savitar-Barry: You know enough about it to alter what it does.
Cisco: Oh, I see. You want me to alter it. What do you want me to alter it into? Like a hair dryer? Or a waffle maker? Oh, I know maybe something that's going to fix that thin crust pizza you call a face.
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