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"Your Skin isn't Paper,
Don't Cut it.
Your Face isn't a mask,
Don't Cover it.
Your Size isn't a Book,
Don't Judge it.
Your life isn't a film,
Don't end it."

"We're all mad here."-Cheshire Cat

I love writing, reading, and writing poetry even if I'm not very good at it

Here's a little poem I wrote
Reading helps me escape.

I read, not to "become smarter" as people often say,

But to travel to all these places.

The places I can only dream about visiting.

Places with all sorts of different races,

Places where the food tastes like home.

Places like Paris, London, and Rome.

The stories I read allow me to be freed

From the pain and sorrow

I face everyday I wake up,

they allow me to fly,

to soar high up in the sky,

to fly all the way to my own Neverland

every page,

is a new adventure, with Peterpan.

The magic begins when I open a book,

a new story,

a new beginning,

multiple endings.

Just because a book ends

Doesn't mean your story should too.
If you made it this far, great Idk why you did it but thanks.

If you ever want to talk about anything, please don't hesitate. I am here for you!
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