I created @Stronggirlsclub in 2018 as a place to encourage, inspire, and uplift girls, especially those struggling with their mental health.
          	I wanted it to be a beacon of light for young women in such a dark world.
          	And that's just what it has been able to be for people.
          	In our four years as a club, SGC has been able to reach thousands of girls with our content, help hundreds one on on via DMs, and to be a place of hope to over six-thousand people here on Wattpad.
          	As of July 2022, SGC is no longer active as I have decided to leave Wattpad in order
          	to pursue my dreams.
          	It was a difficult decision to make, but after four years of running this club I am ready to move on in hopes that by following my dreams I'll be able to help even more people in this world.
          	Even still, SGC is going to miss being active. 
          	We have worked so hard, poured so much of ourselves into this community, and most importantly, we've been able to touch lives.
          	That isn't something you can just forget about it, no matter how far you move on.
          	We promise to never ever forget any of you.
          	And we hope you will never forget us either.
          	We love you guys so much.
          	We believe in you.
          	We want you to never forget you have a purpose here.
          	We hope you will always keep fighting, no matter what life throws your way.
          	And that you will always have the courage to stay strong.
          	Love @etherealeverafters and everyone at the @stronggirlsclub


@stronggirlsclub Love you, I am so sorry I am late! I pour my heart out to you!


@stronggirlsclub ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
          	  We will never forget you


♡. Positivity dose by @artqueen1 .♡ 
          ♡ • hello friend. how are you doing? have you been taking care? how was your day? 
          ♡ • you are meant to shine from the inside and out, my friend. you have a heart made of gold and a soul made of stars. you have magic flowing through your veins and crystals in your bones. don't let others dim your sparkling light, they have their own darkness that they are going through. just keep focusing on your own beautiful light and your own job, because you are made to shine.  
          ♡ • you become a more positive, peaceful and harmonic person when you don't react to people that use you as a mirror for their own self-hate. 
          ♡ • daily reminders : 
          • you are awesome and don't need approval by anyone but yourself.
          • I'm proud of you. 
          • stay safe, take care. 
          - artqueen1 


♡. positivity dose by @artqueen1.♡ 
          ❖ hi friend <3 how are you doing? how is your day been so far? I'd love to be a listener. take care! ♡ it'll be OK. 
          ❖ you can be healing and feel broken at the same time. healing isn't a destination we reach where we're perfect and at peace all the time. healing is a journey that involves accepting and embracing ourselves as we break, as we heal and as we reconstruct. 
          ❖ one day at a time, little by little, you will get where you're meant to go, sometimes you don't realise how far you've come until you take a look back and realise how much you've grown, how different you're.  
          ❖ reminders : 
          - It's okay to have a bad day.
          - Nothing is Perfect.
          - Take good care of yourself, you've been chosen to bring down here.
          - Asking for help isn't weakness! 
          - artqueen1 . ♡


It's been months since this closed, and I'm still so touched and honored that I got to be a writer for this community, even if it was only for a short time <3


Me too bro I miss this community and they inspired me to make this community 


@-prima-luce- honestly same. I've been so touched by this community 


♡. positivity dose by @artqueen1 .♡ 
          ✘. hey friend ♡ how's it going? what have you been upto recently? 
          aftee a long time, here I come with another positivity dose :) hope you read it till the end. <3 
          ✘. the next time you find yourself broken remember that pain is merely a brutal version of growth. you're hurting now, and it will probably hurt tomorrow, but something beautiful is already growing under the ash of this forest fire. 
          ✘. you'll go through days where you think you have everything under control and you'll go through days where you have no idea what you are doing. don't let one bad day get you down. self doubt is toxic and doesn't get you anywhere. it does nothing but hinder your progress. 
          ✘. daily reminders : 
          • you are awesome and don't need approval by anyone but yourself.
          • I'm proud of you. 
          • stay safe, take care. ⚘ 
          - artqueen1.


Everything this community has done for us it’s incredible, we thank the owner and the founder for this beautiful community. They inspired me to make @Baddies_Tips I’m working on this community cause they inspired me to make a community and have members of my own. We never forget what this community has done and what they inspired us to do. We love you guys 


I'm sad that you have left! But I hope that you are successful in the pursuing of your dreams. 
          You truly have touched so many lives, mine included, and I know that a lot of women will miss you. I am so grateful for everything that you have done and hope that in 20 years you'll get back on just for old times sake and get to see how many people love and miss you <333 
          -Anna <3333


Hi sgc love 4 u here <3
          You probably don't get to see this but just wanted to send this message
          You've inspired so many and I just wanted to thank you for doing so much <3
          I want you to know that you will certainly be missed and that you will not be forgotten <3
          Many including me are currently opening new clubs for similar purposes but none will ever replace you <3
          We all miss you and will always remember you <3
          - love 4 u