I fly, with my chicken wings transplant, to the sauSage princess each night. I am guided in death’s heavy sleep but my dreams are hungry counting the bones of sheep, the sheep keep count of the stars, plotting the universe, piloting dreamers to far off galaxies to where their dreams are, I feel in the core of my being is a burger with special seasoning, to serve the hungry, I give my life to you, I tell the Mickey D’s cashier, she gives me a double patty beef big mac, I want to brush my teeth with you, I say before we part, she smiles and gives me love, from the heart.

I love to read and write, a person can spend their whole life writing a book and I can read it in one day. I need help with my current project, Seducing Medusa, and some feedback on my complete books, 9 shades of gray - adventures in schizophrenia, and Prison of the Gods - your mind is the key, I also have a poetry book - A Hole without Walls.

I really do not know what to say, poetry / writing can be so revealing, lower so many walls exposing one's heart, can be a very personal experience, that I feel a close relationship beginning between us, my heart is pounding fast, the compass I navigate with so perhaps I am on the right path, however I will not put out for you so easily, keep your naughty, greedy hands to yourself! I am not pimping out my spiritual lyrics! No first you must take me out with you, wine and dine me, introduce me to your family, serenade me with your deep beautiful mind, wear a sheep costume, with burritos covering your... Oh yes, yes! Ok, now Touch me! Give it! More! Oh I am a Poetry Whore!

Now imagine you are an ant crawling into the hole of my brain, you can carry 100 times your weight, what are you bringing in, what are you going to take?

I want to help you, I want your help. Come walk next to me, who knows where we will go...?
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