I live where the dirt is red and no, we don’t ride to school on the back of kangaroos, that’s what cars are for. I live on the edge of the city, where suburbs meet the farms, and quite personally, I like it so long as the wind’s blowing the right way.
I've been writing for as long as I can remember, reading for even longer. Sometimes, it’s based on real life experiences, much like the “Jerk”.

Like any book lover, I'm verging on OCD. Mine are arranged in alphabetical order by the author’s last name. I really hate it when I have three of one series, buy the fourth, and it’s cover doesn't match with the others. I don’t dog-ear my pages and I believe they should be valued above anything else I have.

I believe that no one should ever tell you that you’re not good enough. Everyone goes through times where they’re bullied or picked on or teased or have low self esteem or bad body image, I've gone through that too. I'm in a patch where I think I'm not beautiful enough because I've never had a boyfriend. Ever. And I'm verging on adulthood. But even though I doubt myself, I know there’s a bigger and better world out there. Who gives two hoots about what the other kids think? I won’t ever see them again. You won’t ever see your tormentors again. Did you realise that the majority of people who are bullied grow up to be better people? They’re the ones running the companies as CEOs, they’re the partners, lovers, parents and friends. And the bullies? Have just as bad self-esteem as you, only they’re worse.

I hate people who are prejudice. I hate racism, I hate homophobia, I hate people who discriminate against people full stop. If I could make a perfect world, no one would feel ashamed for being themselves, they can love who they want to. It doesn't matter. I believe that so long as you like yourself, the world doesn't matter.

Screw the bullies.

You’re beautiful, don’t ever let them tell you you’re not.

P.S. Always happy to chat
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Hey guys! How are we all?I've uploaded a teaser the the new (and better), edited "The Jerk".If you could please give it a read and tell me what you think, that would be great. I need to know wheth...
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