Hi Everyone
          	A new offering called "Roots," to be found in 'Green Green World.' Hope you enjoy it. Here is the link:


To Sloanranger's family,
          Know that her limericks lifted my heart and gave many chuckles and laughs that brightened a gray day.  :)


Hello sloanranger, decided to join wattpad again, been gone a while, this is my third time back but hopefully I stay this time, use to go by the name Dipper the first time, not sure about the second time round, always been a fan of your poetry and I'm happy to see you are still writing and have all your works on here for me to indulge in, cheers, all the best from Lee.


          I am Ana. Sorry for promoting on your message board but I really am helpless. Would you mind checking out my book "A Quest to the Borat" ? It's my first book and I haven't got many reads so far.
          I would really appreciate if you take a look. I work pretty hard and seeing the notification of a new comment or vote really makes me happy. 
          Stay safe,
          all the love.
          Ana Starr