What purpose does it serve to tell me you’re leaving wattpad because of me? I plan to deactivate after a couple days of people finding out because I literally need to separate myself from this app. I can’t take the pressure and guilting to work on something I know longer feel connected to.


@seokjinfanclub Pleas don't go..I really loved (still do )your stories..


@seokjinfanclub sinner was my favourite book and i swear i cried once i got to know it was not there anymore but your mental health is more important author nim so issok


@seokjinfanclub First of all, I hope you are well. Please don't care about other stupid people and their shitty thoughts. I really loved you and your books and it saddened me that I couldn't find them where I left them. I hope everything will be better for you!


i miss sinner so much, i hope you're doing well. you're an amazing and talented author, and if others have problems with it they have something wrong within themselves to say things. please keep going on even if it's not on here. you have so  many people here ready to support and cherish you regardless.


I could never get sinners out of my mind for a few months and I just came back to reread it but it’s gone. Your writing is so good it’s like magic to my brain. If you can see this please repost sinners I would love to get it out of my head!