I love anime and manga and can talk for a looong time without taking a breath of air and my hobby is poking stuff with sticks and thinking of ways to manipulate random characters that I won't ever talk to irl.  Oh and swearing...I fucking love swearing
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ruka7216 ruka7216 Oct 14, 2013 09:41AM
After rereading the past chapters of the death note fanfiction I have decided to edit them, no major information in the plot should change however I will post a list of chapters I recommend rereading...
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Colors of god

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Description: Fyrina has always felt isolated from the rest of the world. Her looks were neither good nor bad. In a world where one's beauty determines their power, Fyrina is unexpectedly blessed by the goddess Ruka and a a...


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Into the Death note world

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There once was a girl with the face of an angel but the mind of a trickster. Her favorite hobby were man...

A vampire in naruto

A vampire in naruto

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She's just like her cousin but more. Much more. Rima Umi is a vampire. So wtf is she doing in the naruto...

Petty rivalry -an Uchiha love story- (IN EDITING)

Petty rivalry -an Uchiha love story- (IN EDITING)

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The Itakes and the Uchihas. Both clans have been wiped out and both clans have only one survivor. Yuuki...

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