Robert Wilkos co-founded a leading Private Equity Firm based in New York and is currently the Managing Director of the company. A leader of note, Robert Wilkos carries with him 20 plus years of experience and even continues to learn new ways of leadership. 

As a business owner in his own right, Robert Wilkos finds time to read reputable publications like Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, etc to stay up to date and hone his leadership skills.

Although Robert Wilkos is a full-time managing director, he takes family life seriously. He is able to balance business matters with his family's interests. With his family at heart, Robert Wilkos doesn't allow business issues to take precedence over his need to be with family.

While at the helm of his Private Equity Firm, Robert Wilkos aims to build a teamwork spirit among his partners and employees.
  • Staten Island New York
  • JoinedJuly 12, 2021