wuzzzz up??? my names Lauren!!!!

-I love writing. I try to as much as I can but(like cay) I CAN NEVER FINISH ONE THING!!! itz very annoying.

-my favorite candy is, if you haven't notice, REESES PNUT BUTTER CUPS!!!

-favorite book series Pretty Little Liars:) and of course my favorate TV show too!!!!

- Caylin, who is my bffl for life, the one that gave me this awesome website, and you better check out her page purpleconverse, or else!!!

- favorite animal
=horses, snakes, chihuahuas, and Todo.

-Singing is my LIFE!!! I love music. ipod 24/7.

-I play the piano and the guitar. WooooHooooo!

-My chihuahuaz name is SNOOKI!!!! as in Jersey Shore Snooki. She looks like a snooki too. They are both small and brown. hahahahahaahahahahaha!! I also have a dog named Scrappy and one named Cheerio<3

- faces rule too!!!8D + 8{D MUSTACHIO!

- My fav color is PURPLE.

-im weird but in a good way.

- I <3 art

- i dare to be different


- i come across at first as a girly-girl but i am NOTHING like one, even though im wayyy to enthusiastic
about well...everything8D

Well datzzz all for now. READ MY POSTZZ PLZZZZ!!!!!!! (: Lauren
(BTW, i took da profile pic myself. Cool, right?!?!??!?!?)
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