Working as a miner in Chile was one of Mr. Reed Cagle's most thrilling successes. He helped with daily operations at a Copiapo facility that processed copper and gold. His work resulted in a unique procedure for safely separating metals from liquids.

In 2011, Reed started working in the American and South American mining industries. He bought a mining concession in Oregon that contained more than 89,000 ounces of gold.

Although he has contributed to the funding and ongoing management of a copper and gold processing facility in Copiapo, Chile, he is best known for his work in mining innovation. He created a unique method to remove and neutralize toxic material from liquids while recovering precious metals as a result of his career in mining. The mining industry could use this technology anywhere, as in Copiapo. According to Mr. Cagle, this innovation will help mining operations worldwide become more efficient and environmentally friendly.
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