HI I just finished the hooded girl series and I gotta say it was AMAZING it's so original and it's so much more than a maze runnee fanfic I am a total fangirl over the juniors and I love them all so much they're so cool! I loved the friendships in this boom and the CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AHHH it's something I've never seen before and you did so good I don't think I'll ever be quite as satisfied with other fics. A few songs that play through my head when I think of the Juniors is Team by Lorde and The Love club by Lorde they just have so much class it's beautiful  I wanted to ask if you had any ideas for casting them? I tried to self cast them and I thought I did pretty good based off description but I wanted to ask if you had any in mind. Either way I loved your books thank you!!! 


Thank you! And no, I don’t really cast characters, but I’d love to hear what you think. But again, thanks for reading