Last time I posted that I am looking for an editor for both my books. I got an overwhelming amount of responses (About 70 people applied)! I would like to thank you all for responding. 
          	Unfortunately, few days ago my laptop crashed as a result I will need some time to go through all the submissions since it's difficult for me to go through so many forms on my phone. I am sorry for the delay but I hope you all understand that I want to go through each submission properly. Once my laptop gets fixed I will get on it. Again thank you for showing my books so much love. 


Could you please check out my book. It’s not done yet but I would like ur honest opinion. When your done checking for editors. Thanks  https://www.wattpad.com/story/224032517?utm_source=ios&utm_content=story_info&utm_medium=link&wp_page=story_details


I was actually in a great need to read a book like yours and so happy i had. I was kind of hoping Josh and Jules tho but it was all good. You did great! Can't wait for your next books.❤️


Honestly I was tired of same stories - warewolf, vampire, billionaire romance ,mafia .....wanted to read something different and I found ur works  great work  I really can't wait for your next book  u r best author ❤️


Honestly I love your story.... And I want you to please check out my story, i.e., Unconditional love which is on air... I had liked your comments on it and I loved if you check it out once please.... Thank you


Omg  ur books are the bestI wanted to read something different and I come across ur books loved everything  ur sense of humour is great  love u ❤️ plz publish more of ur work all the best for future ☀️


Honestly I also have a very huge crush on pizza but seeing your love i back away .. you are a true lover ... By the the pizza girl is awwwwwssssssoooooommmmeeeeee novel .. which i can't describe in word ... Yuuuu girl you rocked


Congratulations! Author  I really appreciate your book THE PIZZA GIRL ❤ It started from the slice of pizza and a shocking kiss to italian bad boy  and Leo will staying at Emma's house  and their love story is mysterious  until one of them confess their true feelings and they've get married and have a daughter Elena ❤ 
          I hope there would be a 2nd book  this time is about their sons or daughters from the cast of THE PIZZA GIRL 
          I really love this story so much ❤ From the trailer and cast members of The Pizza Girl are perfect