Voice inside brain: Hi? is that all you gonna say...your so stupid
Me: wat shall I say then...bye?
Voice inside head: yeah, sure cause you really want them to go away...say something like...erm...i like to stalk people in my free time... I'm sure that will keep hem interested
Me: No! because then, they'll think I'm some creep who has no friends and is really crazy that I tend to talk to myself when I'm confused or bored or angry or sad or happy or mad or basically any time....
Voice inside head: Well then tell them something about yourself...oh I know tell them that when you went to the toilet last time you did a number....
Me: (smacks brain with hand on forehead) Don't say it!!!1 What did I tell you about thinking before you speak? Huh? do you even remember what I said or were you to busy dreaming abut the Beatles...huh....which one was it this time....McCartney, Lennon, Ringo, Harrison????
Voice inside head: (Stutters dramatically and puts hands over ears so that it can't hear me ) I can't hear you....Lalalalalala......I can't hear you...blah blah blah.. oh what did you say sorry I couldn't hear you over the sound of how AWE-SOME I am
Me: don't you mean over the sound of how AWE-SOME I am??
Voice inside head: Not because of how awesome you are but because the size of your ego is to big!!??
Me: I'm telling mummy!!!!
Voice inside head: no you can't because......I killed her!!
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