Name ~ Pheonix2012 

Age ~ Immortal

Location ~ Wonderland, Camelot, Hogwarts, Necromancer temple, New Prentiss Town, The Capitol Arena,

Have Written.... ~ what hopefully, you all find worth reading...

In The Hunger Games I Would Be ~ Called Phoenix Lockett from district four, blitzes tributes and wins games age twelve, help rebellion, dies from night lock poisoning...

In Harry Potter I Would Be... ~ called Reeca Lockett, true seer, love either Harry or Draco.

In Chaos Walking I Would Be.... ~ Luna Cobalt, dies in spackle war but not before helping Todd and Viola as much as possible

Songs That Sums Me Up ~ DPMO, Titanium, Stronger, Until The End, My Immortal.

I Am ~ an emo, a writer, a twilight hater, single, music lover, tribute, an artist.

Hate ~ twilight, Kirsten Stewart, pink, neon colours, cold weather, migraines, early mornings...

Love ~ The Hunger Games, Chaos Walking, Harry Potter, lie ins, Valduggery, emo clothes that are reeally soft, you...

Music ~ Professor Green, You Me At Six, Quiet Drive, Ed Sheeran, Boys Like Girls, Evanescene, The Ting Tings.

In A Nutshell ~ strong, loud, arty, easily angered, cute, creative, surprising.
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Further Tales Of Mere Existence...

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