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I Lit a House on Fire (Just to See a Painted Sky) by panicattackkisses
I Lit a House on Fire (Just to See a Painted Sky) Fanfiction
And every night my mind is running around her, thunder's getting louder and louder. 
- ELECTRIC LOVE / BØRNS. ••• Lydia Martin was eighteen years old and a little bit alone in the world. So she looked to the sta...
Baby, She's a Wild Thing. by panicattackkisses
Baby, She's a Wild Thing. Fanfiction
"Baby, She's a Wild Thing" is now available to purchase on Amazon Kindle. So it goes like this: This is a story of two twenty somethings, living in the city, daydreaming by the beach and wondering what...
Warning Shots. by panicattackkisses
Warning Shots. Fanfiction
A continuation of YSCWAW, hidden moments, alternate POV's and brand new bits and pieces. These chapters will dated and won't necessarily be in chronological order.
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