Hello my fellow readers. My name is Nada as you all guessed...or saw. 
Soooo, a few facts about me.

1- muslim and proud

2- my first language is Arabic, second is english, and third ( i don't know if there is something like that but-) french

3-I love reading, writing, drawing, singing, and photography. and apparently more but we don't have all day.

4- I don't like food *hides behind the couch* ohhh please don't kill me

5- I like any kind of candy, and fries

6- guys chocolate isn't food, that's why i adore it

7- I am griffindore

8- I have a brother like all this cliché stories, love each other, share, and things from that tripe. But if we fought you better have a good hiding place, as third wold war will be about to.

Anyyyyyyyyywaaaaaaayyyyyyssssss, i don't know what to say more sooooo, yeah that's it.

psst, don't forget to vote, share, and comment. And don't you DARE COPY OR HATE MY STORY. I WILL TRACK YOU DOWN, AND THEN YOU WILL HAVE TO SAY BYE TO THE WORLD.

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