Hiii, daisies. Please don’t shoot me! I’m still alive. I’m not even gonna bother with excuses, other than life just doing what life does I guess? I had thousands of other priorities and Wattpad wasn’t one of them unfortunately. After a while I even started losing touch with my own stories and characters, and the motivation to write just slowly started to go down… 
          	Why am I suddenly back, you ask? Well, multiple reasons. One of them being the fact that I finally got my life back on track. I moved to a different city, bought a house, got a new job, new friends, became an auntie to an absolute angel. The other reason is everything that’s been going on around the world. Especially with the current, endless conflict between Israel and Palestine. I have been working with vulnerable children for years now. Children with trauma’s, children with psychological disorders, children with emotional and behavioral disorders. It is so important to understand why they are the way they are in order to help them. When I see those children in Israel but mostly in Palestine, my heart literally bleeds, knowing that no one will ever truly understand the pain they’re going through and no amount of help will ever heal the wounds they will have to bear for the rest of their lives. 
          	I needed a reason to open my phone without dreading to see images of humanity falling apart right in front of my eyes. That’s why I found my way back to Wattpad. To read and get my mind off things. But seeing your comments, follows and messages; it reminded me what relieved my stress in the first place. Writing.
          	I’m not writing to distract myself against what’s happening in the world because god knows I’m entitled enough to even afford ‘distraction’. Many people can’t and have to live day in, day out in absolute hell. But writing does give me some sort of peace. And maybe, just maybe it can give you some peace as well amidst this chaos. Lots of love, Oopsy Daisy 


@oopsydaisy95 So glad you are back! Don't apologize for life!


Thank you for actually caring what’s happening in Palestine  


Dear author you might never see this but PLEASE 
          PLEASE PLEASE update Liberty it's been 4 YEARS now!!!!
          I love all of your works and always see myself coming back to re-read them but Liberty will always have a special place in my heart
          I just hope that I am alive till the day Liberty is finally updated!!! 


Sameee I love this book so freaking much!!! But I don‘t think she‘ll ever update again sadly 


Which book should I read first?? some people say faded and some say tainted


@rlol34 Tbh for me the order doesn't matter much honestly. The thing is Faded came out first, and Tainted is being written as its prequel, and came out after Faded was completed.
            So chronologically Tainted happens first, and covers the early life of protagonists of Faded. 
            Both are equally awesome, so you can start from any of the two. Pick Tainted if you want to start chronologically, and Faded first if you want to start in the order they were published. Hope this helps :)