Why are you here?
Did I spam in the comments?
Are you looking at my crappy stories?
Well here is my terrible,terriable bio...

Normal there is no 'normal' in crazy fangirl now is there?
Normal is a word I do not really like or would wish to be. Does that make sense? Of course....it doesn't! And that is why my name is only your normal fangirl because it doesn't make sense! I get it I'm weird...
I'm a Potterhead

(If you couldn't tell) im a fangirl and a crazy one too.

I'm a PROUD hufflepuff

My nickname is Empress

I'm a Capricorn

Mirajane is my spirt animal


I am also horrible at bios (if you couldn't tell)

There are so many (if you couldn't tell)s wow

If you want me to make a cover for you look at my book that has to do with covers! It's not hard to miss.

People say the Beauty is pain. If so, Im in pain, why am I not beautiful?

Anime is life.
Fairy tail is my family.
Kiss Kiss fall in love!
I need help...

In my eyes almost, ALMOST, All anime men are sexy.

*shivers* Ichiya

Yep. Most people say that their boyfriends or girlfriends are what wakes them up every morning. I have two reasons. Anime guys and Food. But I'm barely getting by.

I love the color red and black

Gale 4 life
Yes, Gale is my Otp

🎵My names blurry face and I care what you think🎵

So let's talk about YOU now!
Just kidding this is MY bio are you trying to steal my bio?!?!?
Just messing with you I mean you should see the look on your face!
OK, sorry about that now you know what I mean by crazy....

I have a question. Am I a demon?
You know what
Don't answer that

Blah blah inspirational shit

I try to make people laugh, hoping no one sees the real me

Sick of crying, tired of trying
Yes I'm smiling, inside I'm dying

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I'm not gonna post another chapter for awhile. On any books. My sister. I asked her what she would think of me is I was Bisexual.  I am bisexual so when she said "I don't like that I kind of stuff. I...
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