I am a persian girl who loves to do everything at once.

i could be a patient person in some cases but not all! =D

i love dancing, drawing, painting, basically anything artistic.

i am a totall book worm and although i do watch a lot of movies but books are much better because i don't have to wait for any thing to happen, i'll just read as fast as possible to get to the end!

i love playing my piano, and i plan on learning how to play another musical instrument.

i hate it when people tell me i can't do something and when i set my mind on something , i either do it or do it.
i hate quitting and if i start something seriously, i never quit!

i have a thing for cute skirts even though i don't wear them around alot.

i can never really decide what is my favourite color.

i usually have so many things in my head that makes me forget stuff , i guess you could say i'm a little absent-minded.

i love chocolate, and when i say that i maen i really lo0ve it! i'd die without it.

i love spring and summer . i'm usually more hyper then.

i use english more than my native language i rather write my diary in english, don't know why but it feels much better.

i have a lot of ideas in my head but they they don't always turn out how i want it to, so that is why i don't have many works here.

when i'm feeling lazy, no matter what i always end up on my bed cuddling my pillows!

i love sleeping so i rarely stay up a whole night.

since i'm getting tired of using the word "i", i'm just gonna say goodbye!
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nilliana nilliana May 14, 2012 03:48AM
@saphiritae ur welcome!
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