Hi, I would like to share something with you all. 
          	When my mother went into cardiac arrest we thought we lost her. Her blood pressure bottomed out and the doctors had to turn her bed upside down to get the blood flowing to her head, to bring her blood pressure back up. Her heart stopped beating for a minute or so. The doctors sent me and my dad out into the hallway. When she thankfully came back to us this is what happened..... My mother explained to me that everyone that was out in the hallway and what they were doing, how the nurse was pushing a machine down the hall toward us, seen, me getting a chair for my dad to set down in and watched me go into the waiting room fifty feet away from her room. She explained how I was crying and getting sick while the doctors surrounded her bed. She knew the number of doctors in the room. My mother was unconscious but saw everything that was going on. She said she felt at peace and relaxed during all this, but us, we were frantic, upset, and filled with so much sadness. It was a true living nightmare. No one can tell me there isn't an afterlife when my mother was with me the whole time, I just didn't know it until she told me. When your family can explain something like this to you, it's real!! Tell your friends and family you love them every single day!!! Don't take life for granted, it's too short!
          	Serving The Beast has been updated today! Chapter 46.
          	I am taking some time off from wattpad. When I'm ready to start updating I'll let you guys know. I will continue writing when my mind is clear. 
          	Love you all very much!!! Autumn


@myworldnbooks My dad had the same thing... I mean like he died and came back to life...It was the scariest thing I heard and I was 8 years old!


@myworldnbooks I hope things got better for you and your family! and hopefully you'll be back to let us know that you are all okay. Please take care and know that you have a wonderful talent that i hope you come back to share that with us as when.


@myworldnbooks I hope everything is ok and that health wise your ok, I also hope you can continue writing books any of these days I'll still read them even if it's almost been a year


Hii everyone hope you all are doing good and keeping yourself safe, cus it's important afterall you all have to read my work. Fine let's start
          I'm new here and after reading a lot of ff I have
          finally published my own work it's a jimin Ff
          Hope you all would like and support me, definitely it's a worth of your precious time. Here is the 

          Thank you:) 


OMG! Your books are gone.. They are my favorites.. 


No I dont, sorry.. I really like her works and I want to know as well if she's on other platforms but cant find her anywhere.. 


@olaiski09  do you know if she posted them anywhere else ? I was a fan of her book the noble alpha. I cant find it now.