This is a goodbye message. Though there's no really proper way of doing so. One thing that's concrete that farewells are always sad. I didn't want to be sad and that's why I've been pushing it off for so long. 
          	For the last few months, actually from last year my life has been changing drastically. There's so much going on that I no longer have the time to write fanfictions or indulge in them. I am barely online as well, but that one is by my own choice. I have realized that I do love to live in the moment, enjoy my surroundings, and actually appreciate real life. I love writing as well, just not here. Not anymore. 
          	That unnie is my oppa and first love is unpublished since I'm not proud of them. Mix and match will be discontinued. Rest of the stories will be here. They are my babies, please handle them with care. 
          	I will be on instagram if any of you want to connect. My instagram is myshatae. I will keep writing, I plan to actually write a book, maybe when I've settled down more. I've been planning on it for a long time. 
          	I have made amazing friends here over the years, I have so many precious memories. This place was really a safe haven for me some of the times, as well as a stress inducing machine. Thank you so much for everything. Thank you for bearing with me all this time. 
          	This is not really a goodbye, because I'll see you again. Maybe in a different form, in a different time, definitely in a different place. 


@myshatae You will be missed!! And I really loved 'Online Crush' I can proudly say that you are one of my fav authors! Take care and I wish you luck!  I hope one day you can achieve your dream to publish a book! Thank you for everything! Ly~


My instagram account isn't worth following back cus i have no posts but i am planning to update sometime..
          I am still holding onto writing cus i believe that i can provide comfort through my stories and that they can relate to the characters and realize that it's okay to be what you really are
          I wasn't planning to start writing again until i read your stories 
          Your every story has a tremendous amount of relativity and comfort 
          Your stories put a band aid on my heart in places which i didn't know was bruised 
          Like the therapy i never knew i needed 
          i just finished reading your book mix and match despite knowing it's discontinued from the start but still want to know who ends up with yn or just how their lifes are
          So what i am trying to say is it will really be an honor/boost to get a follow back on my writing page from one of my fav authors And i would really like to see what you're upto my insta id:kavi_yin_.kural


Hey army, 
          I‘m currently working on a really good story and if you‘re bored and (like me) dream of a badass violent Jungkook with a soft spot for his girl 
          then I recommend you to check out my story 
          "Paper Planes" 
          Trust me, you won‘t regret it ;)


@sudaisyy excuse me, I want you to take this post down. Can't you respect the author when she said she doesn't want you promoting in her message board? 



@EATKOOKIESEVEN can you not promote here?