While the recent pandemic circumstances have pushed everyone's life to a standstill, there are few notable personalities that have emerged as a savior to the surrounding people and communities with their helpful health, fitness and diet related tips.

Mohsen Motamedian, a famous health, diet and fitness expert from California is one such name that has proved its prowess in the same domain over the years . Besides helping the masses, Max Motamedian has also founded his own health fitness and diet workshops on various public and social media forums.

Mohsen Motamedian found his interest into health and fitness from an early age. He often used to see all the teenagers around indulging in various exercising and cardio routines in the local gymnasium and fitness centers.
After growing up, Mohsen Motamedian joined one of the nearby fitness centers and started his journey in the health and fitness world. Right within a span of five years, Max Motamedian (his nickname at the Gym) turned into a fully beefed up guy within an amazing personality.

He then thought of helping all the other aspiring fitness enthusiast within his vicinity who earlier left deprived due to shortage of funds and resources. Going forward in the same direction, he then started his own blog named California fitness on various public forums.
He also started his own fitness center in the city with the same name. While the charges were quite nominal, Mohsen even made it free to all the underprivileged teenagers from the nearby areas.

As of now, Mohsen Motamedian got over 1 million followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that have largely been helped and supported by his exquisite health, fitness and diet related tips.

As a reward to his diligent efforts, the California Society of health and well-being awarded him with the health and fitness star award in 2020. Presently, Mohsen dreams of amplifying his chain of fitness centers to every part of the globe.
  • California, United States
  • JoinedJune 21, 2021