A lot of people have been asking about what changed between the original The Vampire King and the published version. 
          	I am not going to list out all the differences throughout the book because there are different events unfolding etc. 
          	BUT what happens at the end is really important for a smooth transition to the sequel. 
          	So here are a couple updates/deviations from the original book: 
          	1. I took out the reincarnation aspect of the book. So Aaliyah and Zeke do not exist in the new version.
          	2. The story ends where Damien is trying to convince Alexis he did not try to kill her (when he realizes she is better off without him) she doesn’t believe him and he sends her back to the human world. 
          	3. That means Alexis’ conversation with Melinda does not take place at the end of the book. She still doesn’t know she is Damien’s mate. 
          	That is all for now, please bare with me as I try to figure this out myself because going back and forth is confusing for me too! 
          	I want to continue on from the published version because I do want to publish the sequel but I’m also trying to accommodate my Wattpad readers who love the book.
          	So I’m sorry in advance for any confusion. 


          	  Love your stories. The flow is really very fluid and the characters come to life with how their emotions and actions are being written. Very well done!


@miss__imperfection_  hi, your story is so good. I am waiting for next update of His queen