hi! um, i know i’ve gone mia for well over a year at this point, but i just wanted to drop by to say something here. i’m shocked that people are STILL reading my stories on here, especially when they’re so terribly bad and cringeworthy. i’m happy people enjoy my writing somehow, though :) 
          	i will not ever be returning to wattpad to continue or finish any of my on-going stories (most likely), so i’m sorry if any of you had your hopes up :( i’ve dropped out of kpop almost completely, and i don’t want to write fanficfions about idols anymore, sadly. i would like to finish my stories just to get them completed, but if i force myself to then i won’t like the outcome of them at all. so, you can just leave the rest of the stories to your imagination i suppose,, ^^; 
          	sorry if this brings any of you hope of me returning D: i just wanted to update/clear up any confusion, if anyone had any! i won’t be coming back to say anything else :( but if you want to translate any of my works, go ahead! it’s in my bio that i’m okay with it, just make sure to give credit where it’s due. you don’t even have to tell me you’re translating or anything since i won’t even be on here to see it, but yeah i don’t mind ^^ 
          	anyways, thanks again to anyone who’s read, liked, or supported my fanfics :D it does mean a lot, even if i don’t particularly like my past writing anymore.. :’) 
          	if you see this then hi, i appreciate you, have a good one! :] 


@minsunq aaahhh im so sad im only seeing this now, if only i'd read your stories earlier to support you while you were still writing, thank you so much for these books!! they've definitely made my year better :) your books are so good
          	  im glad you're doing what makes you happy atm!! i wish you all there best for the future, stay safe!! <333 


@minsunq aw i remember reading your stories about two years ago... so good. i wish you all the best for the future.


i’m seeing this now too :( your books were amazing to me, made me happy and have a reason to be excited for something. I’m happy you are doing what you like, instead of holding onto what you used to like :)


Hey hey, just wanted to tell you I miss you. Your works are amazing! If you see this, I'm going to translate your work "Arranged" to Dutch, I'll give credits! You're stories are so amazing, I hope you're doing well!