hi would you consider republishing the wait and hope series here? I've been reading it  and absolutely fell in love with the book but it vanished before i could finish reading it, and it doesn't exist on ao3. I love your work, but I understand if you have reason not to repost them here :))


you can find a link to my ao3 account here on my wattpad profile. you can also find either my ao3 account or a direct link to wait and hope with a google search, both are the top results. my full catalog has always been on ao3 and continues to be there.


Same I was so sad when it their stories disappeared 


Author,  you are a genius!I've recently completed the wait and hope series and gods it is so good,so many intricacies,carefully woven details.I loved it so much thankyou for giving us the opportunity to read such a wonderful work