Apparently no alert went out for the most recent NSFW Trinket update. So here is your ping that there is a NSFW Trinket update. ;)


Hey I hope this finds you well and good. Just Reread the oracle series I forgot how much I loved your books and I’m enjoying them dearly hope you’re doing good like everyone else seems like on here I beg of you about a release date I’ll figure out if I can find phone wherever I’m following you at but sending love stay safe


Heyya! When's the next update on Trinket? Left us hanging on a big cliff in the last chap! Pls tell me that the story doesn't end there! Confused but feel excited everyday for a new update..pls come back


I’m currently high on cold meds while dealing with Covid and fevers….. I just want to say my cold medicine fueled imagination is thoroughly enjoying Trinket. I sang in a choir with a Merry….. she was a riot….. good people….. you Merrys…..


I’ve binge-read through all your books (Wattpad and officially published) and now I am nursing the worse book hangover I’ve ever experienced all because your writing style is so unique and pronounced that I can’t find anyone else with the same one and it’s p*ssing me off