If you've (long) been awaiting the conclusion of the IronMoon series, the final book, Obsidian Oracle, has been published. :)


@merrywombat just finished it a couple of seconds ago, and I loooooved it, I sure wish to read more about Ana, would it be similar to the manuscript in your Patreon? I loved reading it, she is so flippant and smart !


You have no idea how fast I clicked to get the kindle version! I loved this series. It was definitely different from everything I read before. You did an amazing job with it!


I am done reading Alpha oracle last month, And bought book #2 last week. Your book is worth my every penny❤️ I mean I am "hard to please person", It's usual find myself bought a book and regretting it but not with yours. It's a gold & I love it  Thank you for writing this book and completed it☺️