Release day is exhausting! Insert all the drained emojiis right here. 
          	Werewolves In Space #2: Separated Starlight is live. It's free for KU subscribers, or $3.99 to purchase. It was never posted here on Wattpad, but is the sequel to NightPiercer (Werewolves In Space #1) 
          	Sidenote: If you don't use Amazon to purchase books, please leave me a note to tell me what retailer you do use (iBooks, Kobo, etc) I'm debating removing the series as an Amazon exclusive when it's KU run is done. :)


@merrywombat  Okay, totally blown away now! Bad ass or genius? Open for interpretation I think! I love reading your books, started on Wattpad and followed you over to Amazon once you started publishing. While all of your books are well written I would think that this series is the most technical/evolutionary and expertly executed of your storyline’s. your intellect is truly amazing and I look forward to reading more of your books!


@laurenmaree95 My education is in the liberal arts (not STEM beyond some filler physics courses to get hours), but I've always been into computers/space/nerdy stuff since I was a little kid. I just like learning stuff.  It really tickles me that people read my nerdy stuff and feel like they learned something, :) I thought the Io flux tube and the Jovian plasma torus were particularly bad ass. Did you know Saturn's south pole has a vortex around it in the shape of a hexagon? It does. Freaky.


Absolutely! Would love to know your research/background technical knowledge, because just WOW!


can anyone please tell me where to read the Obsidian Oracle its the fourth book in the Iron moon series.  Thanks


@FeistyChick aww nuts 


@Jovarae1 it hasn’t come out yet. But she’ll for sure warn whenever it comes out in 2022 or 2023


Can the first book of the ironmoon be read free?


Can't wait for Chaos Covenant


Hi merrywombat, has The Sorceress and The Silence become Mate's Bargain?  Or are they 2 separate books?


          I read Alpha’s oracle when it was on Wattpad and now I’d like to read it again but its not on here anymore
          I cant find it on kobo either 
          I love the book and would really love to read it again
          Any help?


 hey, I read the published version. Does anyone have any idea about the fourth book!! It was said to be released in 2020.


@Lilylaylah The first three books are all available for purchase on Amazon Kindle under Merry Ravenell. You can join us as we wait for the fourth book. 
            A little heads up though, if you read all three books on Wattpad, although the first is almost the same as the original, but the plot is a little different in the second book and completely different in the third.


Just wanted to pop by and say that I love your writing so much. I have just finished reading the three Ironmoon books and had read Trinket earlier in the month and I couldn’t put them down. Can’t wait to read more ❤️


Hey sorry for popping up out of no where please check out my book ,am.currently writing MY FAKE BOYFRIEND and am waiting on the peeps if i should make book 2 or continue .Also am about to write THOUGH GIRL SOFT BOY and i hope you guys give my books and i a chance thank you for reading ...❤❤❤❤❤❤  


Just found your profile and couldn't put down trinket.  I hope you are able to update it soon!


I read The Alpha Oracle on Kindle and damn! That was really good! ❤