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          	I know all of you are waiting for an update but I'm sorry I'm not able to update because I'm busy in studies my exams are coming closer. Hope all of you will understand.
          	Thank you
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@mehshanaya If you are done with your exam. PLS  UPDATE .


@mehshanaya no problem. Study hard and exam phode dena dear Di! ❤❤


@mehshanaya NO problem. All the best for your exams ♡♡


Hey author ji, 
          I just wanted to say you're an amazing writer. I have read three of your book(Siyaasat, meri pehli khata and the Queen of night) and I absolutely loved all of them specially Swadheenata because wo bholi hai na. But really your characters dialogues were beautiful and heart touching.❤❤
          Keep writing amazing stories like this and blessing us with these amazing character.
          And also I wanted to ask if you're going to write any bonus or epilogue for the Queen of night. And if you're not then pls if you have time try to write even a small chapter in which they became parents. I really want to see Amogh as a father pretty please consider my request. 


Idk how to express feeling and emotions very well so I will keep it short, your books are amazing, I enjoyed all of your books, I first read "meri pehli khata" and loved it alot, same goes for other books as well, my favourite book is "siyasat" I loved it alot, even the couple is my favourite, my 2nd favourite couple is from "meri pehli khata",
          I love how your characters have flaws instead of being perfect, and how they overcome their flaws, and character development, just amazing,  keep writing, I love your works, hope to see more amazing story in future(ʘᴗʘ✿)


Helllllo readers......
          I am a new writer and currently writing a new story.
          The Audacious Hearts ~ Where darkness meets destiny, a tale of courage and redemption unfolds.
          A myth, a mistake, a misery or a it whatever you want....but that's what their love story was ....Love blooming among revenge....truth breathing among lies......mercy diving between the vengeance.
          To avenge the revenge they took from her family......she is back amongst the culprits.....not to make things right..... but to make them even more wrong......
          No mercy will be granted culprits will be this battle of hate nd vengeance, there was no place was love.....but still......the audacious heart ( gustakh Dil) is in no-one control....(pr ye gustakh Dil Kahan kisi ki sunta kahan h)
          Let me recite this this tale of love nd hate wrapped in the essence of mystery.

          I hope you guys will give my story a try. You won't be disappointed I promise.