Matt Coben is a seasoned professional with diverse skills. He's built his profession on putting others' needs before his own.

Currently, he manages the Funky Buddha Taproom in Oakland Park, FL. This role has tested him in numerous ways, since he has gained valuable experience juggling multiple applications at once. He has built close bonds with his coworkers, learnt to manage products and supplies, and implemented numerous marketing methods to raise the Funky Buddha Brewery's brand. He has worked hard to maintain the Funky Buddha Brewery ahead of the competition. This has required using both traditional and digital marketing efforts to inform customers about upcoming events, new beers on tap, and changes to the Funky Buddha Brewery's operations. This commitment to his current job has made him one of the industry's most trusted professionals. It has also raised the brewery's profile, making it simpler to fill seats and empty kegs.
  • Boynton Beach, FL
  • JoinedApril 4, 2022