Mark Andrew Trewitt is a highly esteemed financial planning expert hailing from Plano, Texas, with a special focus on estate, wealth preservation, tax mitigation, and charitable tax planning. With a remarkable four-decade-long experience in the financial planning and services sector, he has left a notable impact on wealth management for his extensive clientele. His profound passion for teaching is evident in his professional pursuits and interactions with client families, demonstrating his commitment to empowering others in achieving financial success while eliminating "involuntary philanthropy."

Mark's journey toward financial excellence began in 1981 when he embarked on guiding clients toward financial independence and security. In 2006, he founded Integrated Financial Solutions Group, a family office wealth management firm. His approach to financial planning is deeply rooted in education, as exemplified by his 2016 book "Integrated Generosity." This publication serves to further expound on the strategies he has acquired, observed, developed, and applied throughout his illustrious career.

Notably, Mark's influence extends beyond the realm of financial planning, as he has acted as an engaging educator and advisor. Over the last two decades, he has conducted over 250 educational seminars on "Practical Tax Solutions" and "Stop the Wealth Leakage." As a result of his expert advice, tens of millions of dollars have been redirected from client taxes to support causes that are close to their hearts.

A published author, Mark A Trewitt book " Integrated Generosity - Moving from Involuntary Philanthropy toward Intentional Stewardship and Directed Generosity.

Disclaimer: "Advisory services are offered through Delta Investment Management (DIM), an SEC Registered Investment Adviser. Investing in securities involves a risk of loss. Past performance is never a guarantee of future returns."
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Mark Andrew Trewitt
Mark Andrew Trewitt is a highly esteemed financial planning expert based in Plano, Texas, with a specializati...