I am a YA writer from London. My YA fantasy trilogy, Elements of Power, is available to purchase as e-books. Fire and Water are now on Wattpad in their entirety, so please check them out. I am posting Air in weekly installments (updating FRIDAYS) but if you want to read it a bit sooner, you can purchase it from Amazon, B&N or Kobo.

I also use Wattpad for my other writing, including my dystopian novel, Amber & Ice, and Mirrored Snow, a gender-reversal retelling of Snow White. I have just started a short story collection called Lyrics in the Lines, full of stories inspired by songs I love.

When I'm not writing, I work as a school librarian, so I spend a lot of time reading and recommending YA novels.
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makexbelieve makexbelieve Jun 25, 2016 08:36PM
I'm really sorry that I haven't updated Air yet; I've not been very well this weekend but I will try and put it up tomorrow!
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Mirrored Snow

Social data: 32K reads. 2.7K votes. 489 comments.

Description: Everyone know the story of Snow White: blood red lips, ebony hair and skin the colour of freshly fallen snow. Her vain step-mother, desperate to be the 'fairest of them all' attempts four times to have her kil...

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Air {Elements of Power 3}

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Air. I needed air. I was gasping, but my lungs refused to take any in. Jasmine's world is crumblin...

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Princess Charming

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Lyrics in the Lines

Lyrics in the Lines

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Do you ever hear songs that make you desperate to pick up a pen and write? It happens to me all the time...

Story Reading List

Story Reading List

Story Reading List