you remember it . you remember it so vividly , it's as if you never left that moment . the way your heart pounded against your chest and sweat dripped down your brow . . . it was unmistakable , you were afraid . though your father spoke to you , his words were hollowed , echoey like you were in a tunnel with no escape . you wanted to run away . it was a powerful instinct and you didn't want to deny it , you wanted to succumb to it . but your father - you thought everything of him and he was the only thing you had , so you didn't want to disappoint him . you still remember the first bite . it was like biting into bone , then gelatin , and the smell of blood flooded your senses . you vomitted . but he coaxed you into eating more , told you about all the imperfections inside the human body while he was at it . it was like a switch inside of you had flipped . this world , these people were not good for their imperfections . and with every time you father spoke to you , every time he coaxed you into eating till you took a bite yourself , you were diving deeper into how you could find a solution to that . how you could fix them . you could make them into dolls , you thought . finally make them BEAUTIFUL .
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