*Deep breath*
(I feel like I'm applying for a job interview..anygays)
I have no clue what to write about, so I'll just keep it simple (HAH- bitch I thought💀)

My name is Lemeese, but I like to un-complicate peoples lives, therefore, you can just call me ✨ Meese ✨

February 28, (a faithful and qualified Pisces) 🐟

I know you probably read this on everyone's bio, but that just comes to show there's a lot of people who care for you. PM's are always open, "when you're with me no judgement" so don't feel afraid to talk about whatever it is you please. I love you ❤️

If you're racist, homophobic, judgmental, or inhuman in any way, please 🚪 ⬅️ it'll be my honor to escort you.

Some things about me so I don't scare the shit out of you:
-I type a lot *ahem* and I'm positive that it's my biggest problem

-My personality shifts to whoever I'm talking with, so however you speak with me, that's the person you're going to get👽

-My favorite color is yellow 🌻🌙

-Louis Knows I exist, has seen my face, and I've face timed him before so I obviously won in life (No. No I'm not okay) 💙

-I was very passionate about ballet, until recently when I couldn't take it anymore, I eventually had to quit. 🩰

-I speak Arabic, French, and a bit of Japanese & Italian😌

-The most indecisive bitch you'll ever meet 👩🏻‍🦯

-Is there a limit to this thing? Idk but I have ADHD I'm 💯 sure. 🦿

-Severe OCD 🫦

-I use a lot of pet names/nicknames, so if it makes you uncomfortable let me know right away. 👏

-I don't take anything to heart, nor do I hold grudges, so never worry darling ⛄️

E V E R Y O N E that I follow is an absolute angel, but MY angels are;

Gi🫀, Lyss☀️, Irene ✨ (she's my golden glitter) , Sonja🌻,Lia💙,and We🖕.
Fuck you all and your dumb perfections.

I have like 30 more people to add, so for now I'm going to plan out a way to shorten this long ass bio.

With all sincerity,
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