I really hate the 6509 in my username cause that was my first date with my ex boyfriend. I don't wanna change it though cause then everything I have as laurieroxurox6509 will be gone.
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laurieroxursox6509 commented on And Then He Fell - Chapter 6

Emily looked down at her food.  I knew Dad was embarrassing her, but he was telling the truth.  Drew would never touch Em.  I loved her, but no guy wanted a chunky girl.  I really wished she'd start...
I'm overweight and it's nice to see someone who's not a stick in a story for once.
laurieroxursox6509 commented on I Was Never Yours - 10-Discovery

Noah. There he was, the love of my life standing a few feet from me and I couldn’t just go and run into his arms. With shaking legs I got up and started walking towards him and he did the same. The c...
I totally see Shane Harper as Noah for some reason.