Well it's obvious that I LOVE kpop and anime. I like boy and girl groups but mostly boy groups and my favorites now are NCT, Pentagon, Wanna One, Kard Monsta X, Bts, Exo, Red Velvet, Blackpink,Seventeen, Astro, Btob,and many more. 

My ULTIMATE FAVORITE K-DRAMAS is Scarlet Heart Ryeo, then Kill Me, Heal Me (YOU SHOULD REALLY WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY) then it's Heartstrings and then it's The Heirs.

My FAVORITE ANIME is One Piece IT'S SO FILPPING COOL and it's still going on then it's Fairytail then Black Butler.

I ALSO LIKE YOUTUBERS my favorite is PEWDIEPIE and the Markiplier and then Jacksepiceyes but mostly PEWDIEPIE.

And I'm a human.............I think
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