Hey people of earth, we are two messed up, fun and retarted girls who love to write fanfics together, we go by the names of anoop and kiran. We both love to dance and were total party animals with our friends. We love chocolate and candy which is probably the reason were both always high...hehehe sugar rush. We dont love 1D but we don't hate them either cuz we don't know them. OMG I THINK MR BEAN IS HILARIOUS. sorry for our randomness but were cool like that. Love ya people even though we don't know ya! Oh and please comment/vote/ and fan! we do fan backs and don't mind reading requests, also if u wanna chat go ahead! 

Please also check out snoopy's books she's writing with @Shaliberry http://www.wattpad.com/10574152-i-thought-the-prophecy-of-7-was-complete-one

yeppers thats all i think! byeeeeee :P
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