Hi my beautiful friends, 
          	This is an EXTREMELY important message to all my followers. I really sorry, for being so absent from Wattpad and not updating my stories. 
          	Truth to be told, is that I am juggling too many things at the moment. I am a girl with too many passions and hobbies, but everything has been put on hold because of my upcoming exams. I will be completely honest with you, the regular updates will only start from May, after my exams. 
          	I promise the stories would be good and like before I would be updating every single day. But until then, please bear with me :) I know I have let a lot of you down by not fulfilling my duty of posting but please give me time. You guys means too much to me, and I can't lose you guys! 
          	From may I would be simultaneous posting 3 awesome stories !  Please reply and comment to let me know if you guys understand.  
          	I really really really love you guys!


Hey, I recently read your book 'I Belong To Stranger' and I absolutely fell in love with it and your writing... Now I'm just waiting for you to update I Belong to Mafia'... Please update as soon as possible to you....


Hey i am not getting access to private chapters even after following the steps...can u please do something