So, I'm just an eighth grade girl, living in a lonely world, taking a midnight train going anywhere. (If you get my Journey drift here..)

If I ramble about how I'm 1/4 Korean, 1/4 Hungrian, 1/16 Blackfoot tribe Native American, and some 7/16 random white, do forgive me, sir or madam. :P

I play softball and do karate & wrestling. I like to read a lot, so yeah. I feel like writing sometimes for therapy, and so you get whatever stories of mine you read. ;D

I like colorful colors, in case you haven't noticed. If I could, I'd cut my hair scene and dye it all sorts of colors.

I'm like in love with Evanescence, Coldplay, and the movies The Private Eyes and Hugo. <3

And I like to talk to people, so just give me a yell (or a Skyrim dragon shout) and I'll be right over!
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keepyoheadduphigh keepyoheadduphigh Aug 14, 2012 08:57PM
rawwwww to @steampunklegend and @darcang3l, my frieeeends!
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