I like chatting with people for no particular reason. im a shy crazy person that hates shopping and absaloutly hates pink. I love cars and have a very raw sence of humor. I'm very random at times and have an obsession with bananas. Or for that matter any kind of fruit and chocolate:) I don't know.... My favorite book is.... Well I have a lot but probaly Nightshade.
I like...
I diss like....
-Justin Beiber
-Pink(the color)
-Twilight vampires( glittering vampires!?! Sucky and wimpy)
Teachers think I'm
-A vampire
-A marshin
-A UWO (unknown walking object)
-An ediot
-An offensive person
-And so forth
Abs club(for those who love abs!)
Tell me if you want to join!
I'm five seven!!!! And counting. bumbumbum.... Lol!! Haha
Don't cut, do drugs, smoke, or bully. Be yourself, a clean version, don't let anyone knock you down.
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Kill? Why would I?

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Description: I'm Lacefa. I have always wondered what it felt like to kill someone. I found out and I don't like it at all, it's not what I would have thought even if it's a person you really don't like. I'm going to tell you about that day and night. From beggin...

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@heyitsshekinahx ice cream has been around since 3000BC and was introduced in America in the early 1800's