Name: Katherine

Nicknames: Kat, Squirt, Squirrelbox
Fav food: Chicken and rice soup
Fave drink: Mtn Dew Voltage
Songs: Games OST's and fan, Movies OST's, and fav bands music
B-day: November 11
Fav quote: My friends are my power and I'm theirs by Ven and Sora do these wing struts make me look fat? Blitzwing

Hi I like to do many things here's the list
2.Writing fanfictions
3.Playing Fantasy RPG games
4.Play MORPG games

My favorite things are
1.Everything Pokemon
5.The Legend of Zelda video games(and no not the fake ones or that CDI one -shivers- ugh that was bad.)
6.Monster Hunter
7.animals wild and non(but I despise tarantulas centapides, scorpions, Honeybees, and wasps.(I hate Honeybees because my dad is allergic to them so I might be has well)
9.Collecting rare rockss
10.Everything CardFight!! Vanguard
11.Kingdom Hearts

My favorite shows
1.Transformers(my favorites being Primevese and Unicron trilogy)
4.NCIS(all versions)
6.Devil Survivor 2 show

Other websites I'm on kat151820

I'm going to post on it when I'm on it or doing work on it :)
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