Hey I'm Hayley! 
I'm phan and drarry trash
I have more ships but that would be to long of a list
Also my ships are mainly gay ships (that includes the sexy lesbeans)
I'm Pansexual! 💗💛💙
I would love to your friend if want so do be afraid to ask 😄
If you want to know more you can always ask me 😅

• Doctor who
• Vampire diaries
• Once upon a time
• Harry Potter
• Sherlock
• American horror story
* also 13rw that is some real fucking shit right there #amiright

*I also want to get this to 666 characters so like I'm writing all of this to reach that goal I'm at 666

Also I'm meme trash #1 cause it's dank
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Story by Hayley/ phan trash
Drarry one shots  by justfingtrash
Drarry one shots Fanfiction
I will do suggestions and this will be a bunch of different things also there will most likely be smut in this and it can be kinky idc