dont waste your time reading my crap...lolz its nothing special. Im only here to read stories cause i have no writing ability...somtimes i cant speek mi own langwage XD told you its a waste of you time:P. reading is a passion and i often have many book hangovers (when you keep living in the books world) haha im a random ass person so if you find a comment by me dont be surprised if its somthing absolutely retarded haha. Oh where are my manners (cough) my name is Jill and welcome to my profile :D. 
Thats all i really have to say now imma have some random moment...dont read it will just be a waste of your life...im hungry for some chinese, and some fruite and maybe even some candy haha lovey combo. i wish i could perform alchemy that would be badass...why the hell are you reading this shit?...i want real life gir to like chill with and make walffles with haha OMFG i wanna explode a soda bottle with like mints and stuff...seriously your wasting your time...cheese, chcolate, bacon, bacon, bacon, pikachu, squirtle, charmander, bulbasaure, domo, finn, jake, adventure time, (GASP) i wanna adventure time...you dont have a life do you? we will get along just fine ^_^
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