Hello followers of itsanothernobody (y’alls comments on ‘Golden’ are hilarious, I love you all). I’m thinking of writing a Five x OC fan fic as well, and I’m wondering if it should be set in season 1 or season 2?


Season Two!❤️


Hey, been reading your Golden book and it's super good. Thank you so much for updating really fast. Really appreciate your time into this book.
          I'm also thinking of reading your Peter Parker series. Xo


on your book Golden i wanted to know if Lotus and Five would ever tell them that Luther killed her


i used to binge read your peter parker works and they used to be my faves (still is!!), so when i clicked on your profile after reading lotus, i was suddenly not surprised why i love it so much and it’s because you’re actually the author who wrote one of my favorite peter parker stories ❤️ 


thank you so much for reading ❤️ I’m glad that you liked themm