To all the Harry Potter fans: feel free to check out my new Sirius Black story ‘OUTCAST’! The prologue has just been posted!


@isa-tnj YAY


Just wondering when are you/are you going to update wolf queen it’s amazing 


I will update it tomorrow! Only three chapters and an epilogue left:(


Good Saturday morning


this is in regards to your pretty little liars story, sorry i can’t spell the title of the book, and i was wondering how long does each chapter take to plan out and write?
          or do you preplan each season beforehand then write the chapters?
          i was super curious and it always fascinates me on the different ways authors write and plan their books. 
          thanks! :DDD


Hey! Good question.
            I don’t really have a clear plan. I have seen PLL enough time to have big events planned hot and I know how I want certain scenes. But like everything else in life I tend to procrastinate with my writing so sometimes I write a whole chapter before going to bed on Sunday night (since the update comes on Mondays). 
            But it depends. Sometimes I’m in a real PLL mood and write more, and some days I focus more on my Game of Thrones or Sirius Black story.
            I hope that answer wasn’t too messy:)


          I really liked your ff "kickin' it | femina bellator" I would like to translate them into my own language. I am Polish and would like to share this story with fans from my country. I am waiting for a response(:


Hey! Sorry for late response. Yes, it would be okay for me if you translated my story to Polish:)


Will we see more Jaime and Alyssa? I was really rooting for them 


Hey! I’m reading “Wolf Queen” and on chapter thirty-one and i just wanted to say, your writing and dedication is incredible! it’s quite possibly one of the best stories i’ve read on this chapter. So far i’ve laughed, cried and yelled whilst reading it. I’m not even half way. You have some serious talent and i just wanted to make sure you know that! 
          Hope you have a great day xx


Thank you so much! Your words really made my day❤️


Hey! I hope you give an update soon. But I had a question. There's this really good fic on Ao3 called stone by stone. It's about Sansa being reborn as Tywin's daughter with her memories intact and is betrothed to Rhaegar.. but unfortunately the fic is not finished and I don't think so the author will finish it. So can you please write your own version of it... Cause I and a fan of Rhaegar (idk why?) And I love your writing... I know there's a lot in your plate but please just think about it.. cause your writing is awesome!!
          Also I can't wait for what happens in wolf Queen further.


@isa-tnj thank you so much!!! I just live for these Rhaegar fics.


Hey @ironspidey333 
            I actually already have a Rhaegar story that I will start when Wolf Queen is finished. It‘s not Sansa being reborn, but without revealing too much, someone will be reborn;)
            I wrote the first chapter about a year ago, because I had an idea. But I decided to wait with it until Wolf Queen is finished.
            I hope you enjoyed today’s chapter!!!


Can't wait for the next chapter of the Wolf Queen!!!


Just wanna say that i love your game of thrones story and was hoping you would take a look at mine and give me an opinion.