**i will be here VERY SPORADICALLY for a while.**
H-hello there.
*hides because too scared that I might say something awkward*
---hey, no Shru. I think you're capable of not being excessively weird for long enough to write your description.---
---Um... o-okay.---
Um, I like blobfish. Wait, no. Let me start again.
So, who am I? Well, I prefer the company of books to living beings.
---umm, Shru? I don't think that's a particularly good way to attempt to make friends...---
---oh, right *clears throat*---
Let me start all over again, one last time, I promise.
I'm socially awkward af, just making it clear in case it wasn't painfully obvious.
I'm a pansexual seventeen year old.
I don't believe in labels because they are redundant. You love who you love and that is final. Also, sexuality can be fluid and it's not in our place to judge.
I'm that emo who hates life but can also spend her Saturdays with a vanilla latte. I'll can be that girl in the killer black lipstick, but also that person in the sparkly pink lip gloss.
I have a continual identity crisis and holy shit I'm very prone to the occasional existential crisis as well.
I AM A BLOBFISH AND NONE OF YOU CAN CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE. Oh and don't even bother reasoning with me when I'm sugar high. That happens, especially with chocolate on an empty stomach. CHOCOLATE GIVES ME LIFE.
*weee, a butterfly literally just flew past me.*
Did I mention I tend to have a practically non-existent attention span?
Llamas are cuuute. Black is my favorite color. Physics nerd. I'm YouTube trash. I'm emo trash. Brendon Urie is the most adorable human in the universe. I strongly believe Skulduggery Pleasant is underrated. (I had a very genuine crush on Fletcher Renn for a solid year.) And umm. PM me sometime. I have no friends.
I live in India. WEEE. I think I'm done. Idk what else to say--ohh bye, that is one adorable puppy.
( And phew, that wasn't too hard. I think.)
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