On a website full of stories, it's easy to feel hopeless, like you're lost in the vastness of the galaxy. However, sometimes all you need is a helping hand there to guide you. We're here to shine light on undiscovered writers and give our combined knowledge to writers and designers alike, in hopes that you might be able to learn from our mistakes and grow. Sit back, grab a smoothie, and enjoy the ride. We're going to take you all around the universe, because quite simply, we're here for you guys: to focus on all of the unseen stars on this website, and to give our support and advice to anyone that mind be stumbling by.

Created in June 2019, our goal is to bring light to underrated books and unrecognized authors. We've all been there, it's not fun. You feel like you're stuck in that hole where you're getting nowhere. We're head to give you our tips, our experiences, and share our tales in hopes that we can give back to the Wattpad community. Stay tuned for graphic contests, advice books, and a campaign here to shine a light on your undiscovered talent.

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