The Incubator™ mission is to fill the void between 'indie' and 'industry' by educating, creating opportunities and spotlighting those in the creative arts industry that are deserving of increased exposure. Our media focus encompasses various areas of the Arts and Entertainment community including Mixed/Multi Media, Business and Entertainment.

The Incubator™ Magazine is a monthly digest publication focusing on the business and future of Entertainment Media. We spotlight individuals that are currently making a name for themselves handling the ‘business’ of media though still unknown by the mainstream industry and considered ‘under the radar’.

The Incubator™ Ultimate Compilation Series is the only compilation CD of it's kind that features 100% ORIGINAL tracks from local and indie artists and published with the goal of handling the business and gaining exposure within the industry. It introduces local and independent auditory artists to the business of sound in the way of providing the environment for them to grow and develop within the boundaries of the industry and also provides an invaluable resource for the industry to witness hidden talent that would otherwise remain obscured and unseen.
Magazine Format: Digest, 5.5"x8.5" Printed, Digital & Ipad
Website: www.incmagonline.com
Email: info@incmagonline.com
twitter: @incmag
Phone: 888.902.1898 x800
Fax: 888.258.0087
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