2022 revisit! I can't believe what I use to read and write. Omfg this is amazing. If anyone still looks at this profile I don't use it ever and just come back to visit sometimes. Also its Aly not Icey spelled wrong lol.

Hello to whoever wondered over to my account. My name is Icey though that is not very important. My stories are inconsistent and bland so I'd suggest looking at my favorites list for some good reads.

I am a lover of all types of art and music. Reading is my outlet for when things get stressful or dull. When I'm alone or with good friends I sing quite a bit. I'm also a self taught artist however, I'm not very good. I post some art on Instagram.

Writing is quite fun unless I cannot think of what to write. I can come up with amazing stories concepts... but have the hardest time putting them into words.

I have anxiety when I'm alone. I change when I am with friends and become more open and outgoing. New people are bring back bad memories and I tend to shy away from them.

That's all u need to know.
Shout out to my friends, @SchoolRainbow , @RockiWolf16 , @SoniVJK , @Unbelievably_Insane , and @Llama_penguin_duk . Oh check them out and enjoy my stories

--------Please no hate.--------

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