Ian King Los Angeles's current role is that of Senior Advisor for a company that owns and manages a variety of real estate holdings, including restaurants, convenience stores, and accounting firms, among other businesses. In addition, he established and serves as a managing partner of Kings Consultants LLC, a company specialising in crisis management. As a result of his direction and assistance in this capacity, he has assisted many people and businesses in overcoming obstacles and achieving financial success and prosperity.

His extensive educational background in business and law has been foundational to his success. He completed his Bachelor's in Political Science at the University of Southern California (USC) and a Master of Business Administration. He further honed his legal understanding at the University of San Diego Law School, where he was a Merit Scholar and earned a scholarship covering a significant portion of his tuition fees.

His commendable military service augments Ian Mitchell King's distinguished career. He served as an Enlisted Infantry Marine and later an LT. in the Navy. His military tenure is marked by numerous accomplishments, including being honored as a Marine Corps Company Honor Man and receiving a meritorious promotion. He also excelled academically in the military, graduating top of his class from the School of Infantry and as an Honor Graduate from the US Navy Officer Candidate School. His roles included serving as a Public Affairs Advisor and a Pentagon Staff Member for the Secretary of Defense.

Through his transition from military to civilian life, King has demonstrated remarkable versatility, strategic thinking, and a deep commitment to community service, making him a respected figure both in and out of uniform.
  • Studio City, California, USA
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Ian King Los Angeles
King is currently employed as a Senior Advisor with a company that owns and runs real estate holdings such as...