I make covers! If any of you would like me to make you one, I will <3 


@iFellForAmeezy Is that your picture or is it someone just curious.


Hii !! I really loved your story ‘kidnapped by 5 sexy Greek gods’ & my favorite characters was Trent & my birthday is coming up so I was wondering if you could possibly make a book about Trent? Only if you feel up to it tho! Thank you!



I won't ask you to update because like most funny people you seem busy. I will say I do like your writing and the humor behind it. It's funny even in the darkest parts. Your writing is good but lacks fluff. By fluff I mean minor details that help provide an overall picture. Some ppl over fluff and I don't have the patience to read it. So under fluff away!! I'm not losing the plot and it leaves my brain some wiggle room with the details. Two thumbs way up. 


Plssssssssss finish writing saving serenity book plssssss i love that book so much plss i cant wait to read the ending pls update pls finish writing that book , i love all ur books and cant wait to read more, if u r busy pls write atleast one chapter a month plssssss